Monday, May 23, 2011

Barbeque in the Park!

>Barbeque in the Park is a regular event in Port Manteaux. There are cook-offs, free food to be had, games to be played, and sims enjoy the company of one another. Mayor Erica Lansing took advantage of this popular day to bring attention to an issue very important to her.

"For too long, our water supply has been contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers, and industrial waste," Mayor Lansing began, referring to the freshwater basin at the edge of the city. "We spend so much on making it suitable for drinking, or for using in our showers, after the damage is already done. What we need to do is fix the problem at the source, and that is contamination."

The mayor then introduced environmental lawyer and guru, Ben Causland.

"We are putting together a team of volunteers and specialists in an effort to clean up Port Manteaux. My house is on the edge of the water, and I see the pollution every day. There is no reason why we can't have a clean water source, it will just take a little effort. Anyone who wants to donate volunteer for the committee can do so by contacting me personally or calling the mayor's office."

This month's BBQ in the Park had a great turnout. Thanks to everyone who continues to make it possible!

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