Thursday, September 20, 2012

Better Things To Do

Summer 2001 - Campbell Family
Micah is 41, Karinna is 40, Jules is 17, Wyatt is 16
Narrated by Micah Campbell

 It's taking me a while to adjust to being a grandfather. Karinna and I waited a very long time to have a second child, and taking care of my own newborn, Bennett, while at the same time taking care of Dalton, my grandson. The boys will be raised more like brothers than uncle and nephew.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still Remember

Summer 2001-Lansing Family
Narrated by Christopher Lansing
Christopher is 37, Erica is 36, Carema is 29, Maya is 8

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Word Committed

Summer 2001 - Summers Family
Flint is 22, Erica is 32, and Brynn is 21

Narrated by Flint Summers

 Man, this summer had been going great. My band started to take off, and we even got signed to a label. Hunter and I worked so hard for this, and it was thrilling to know I was going to get paid for doing something I already love to do. We still jam together for fun, and bring our A-game to recording sessions.

The Right Sim

Summer 2001 - White Family
Narrated by Avery Monroe
Avery is 22, Gideon is 24

Usually, when something completely changes your life, it disguises itself as something completely ordinary. Like a random phone call in the middle of the afternoon.