Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fingers Crossed

This dinner was everything to Ignazio. He'd been dating Olivia for a few months, now, and he was going to talk about moving her in tonight at dinner.

Olivia was amazing with the kids. She always was able to get Nina to talk about her feelings, and she had no problem getting dirty when she was playing with Martin. Since Rosa left him, Ignazio had been burying himself in work at the school and trying to be the best possible father he could be. But now it was time for him to enjoy his life.

"How would you guys feel if Olivia moved in?" Ignazio asked.

"Cool," Nina said, twirling noodles on her fork.

"Does that mean Olivia would be here all the time?"

Olivia laughed. "That's exactly what it means, Martin!"

"Even on school nights?!" Martin seemed surprised.

"Yes, even on school nights."

"Cool," Martin repeated his sister.

Ignazio was thrilled his kids seemed to warm to the idea so quickly. He knew it would be a little difficult to adjust to having a fourth family member, but he was looking forward to having a partner, for the first time since before Martin learned to walk.

While Nina cleaned up, Ignazio and Olivia went outside to talk. "I'm so glad that went well," Olivia said. "I don't think tonight could get any better."

"Wanna bet?" Ignazio asked with a wink.

Olivia gasped as Ignazio got down on one knee. "Olivia, will you marry me?"

 Much to Ignazio's relief, his girl squealed the word "yes" repeatedly and jumped into his arms.

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