Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moderately attractive

It was a big, big day for Gideon Fischer. Gideon's Books, the bookstore he owned, had been doing phenomenally well. Today was the day he was going to have a published author come in and do a reading and a signing, and he hoped it would attract more customers. It didn't hurt that he was a huge fan of the novel. He meticulously prepared for the day ahead.

Avery White's first novel "Deep Blue" had sold far beyond what her publishers had anticipated, and her novel was getting a considerable about of buzz in the literary community. Being local and all, she was the perfect choice to lend some of that buzz to Gideon's Books. The sci-fi novel interested sci-fi fans and newcomers alike.

She did her reading and signing like a seasoned professional. Gideon forgot where he was while she was reading, lost in the world this woman had created. He was a bit of a book dork, he would be the first to admit. That was why he opened a bookstore in the first place.

The turnout was better than Gideon had anticipated. He had to run upstairs for more folding chairs twice before everyone was done settling in. It did wonders for the day's sales.

After all was said and done, Avery approached Gideon to thank him for asking her to do a signing. She shifted uncomfortably on her feet and said, "I noticed you have a Help Wanted sign up front."

Gideon laughed. "Something tells me you don't need another job."

"It's my sister. I was wondering if you would consider giving her the job. She can work a cash register and she's great at talking sims into buying stuff."

Gideon couldn't believe the words that came out of his mouth next. He almost winced as he said, "Sure, on one condition."

"What's that?"

"Go on a date with me."

Avery agreed to the deal, but she said it would be a few weeks before she could make the date, since she was going out of town to be in her best friend's wedding. Gideon hired Amelie and waited for Avery to call him.

When she got back, she avoided him for two and a half more weeks. First she said she had the flu, then she said she had to work on her writing, then she gave him some story about how her psychic adviser forbid her to leave the house.

His mother and sister lectured him during those two and a half weeks, mercilessly.

"Gideon, it's time you meet a nice girl and settle down. Preferably a Jewish girl."

"Mom, I'm waiting until I meet the right girl."

"Well you better not wait too long," his sister, Judith, interrupted. "Because God only knows neither of us are getting any younger!"

Gideon could only hope that Avery would call him soon. He was smart, successful, moderately attractive...He shook his head. No use dwelling on it.

I absolutely loved doing this update. I hadn't expected to really play Gideon, I just made him so I would have someone to man the new bookstore I'd built, but after playing the business for a while I started to fall in love with the guy, so now he's going to be put into my rotations! 


  1. Wow,I hope Avery keeps her word and call or that he moves on. That wasn't very cool ofmher

  2. He didn't think it was very cool, either. Part 2 is coming soon and it'll resolve this issue a bit for Gideon. Thanks for reading!