Sunday, May 27, 2012

Security System

Brynn Lovitz had just fallen into bed, exhausted. She was working round-the-clock on recording her debut album and opening for local acts. She was featured on the hit single of the two man rock group The Thrash's new album. She loved it, but she didn't realize going for her dream would leave her so worn out. Just before she drifted off, a clatter in the hallway of her apartment made her sit straight up.

She listened carefully. It was probably just the building settling, she thought. When there was no noise, she went to lay back down. But then she heard a soft scraping sound. There was definitely someone in her apartment.

She crawled out from the tangle of sheets and grabbed the bat she kept beneath the bed, just in case. There was a pop of the hardwood floor from someone walking.

Brynn jumped into the room, weilding her bat, and turned the lights on. When she saw him, she screamed.

A man in black and white stripes was shoving her computer and electronics into a bag. He took one look at the bat in her hand and turned to run. He grabbed her purse that was sitting on the counter on his way out, while Brynn stood, frozen in fear.

She called the police, but the robber was long gone by the time they arrived.

"You should be more careful," warned officer Davis. "I think it would be wise for you to invest in a security system."

Her boyfriend, Thom, got there not long after. She ran to him and hugged him. She was visibly shaken, violated, and when she saw a comforting face, she started to cry.

"Toughen up, Brynn," he said.

"I just had some guy in my apartment, Thom. He could have really hurt me."

Officer Davis chimed in. "With your girlfriend's newfound popularity, I think maybe you should spend a few nights with her until she can get a security system."

Thom sighed, as though he was preparing an argument he had been having for a long time. "Sims get robbed, sometimes. It has nothing to do with their profession."

Brynn sighed. She had mentioned wanting a security system before, two nights before when she caught a fan going through her garbage, and Thom had just shrugged it off.

He didn't even stay the night. Thom made sure she was alright and left. Brynn sat up all night watching television, checking to make sure the door was locked at least a dozen times.


  1. Sounds like Thom really isn't a great catch, especially if he isn't concerned with her safety.

  2. Okay, so I think it's time to kick Thom to the curb. Especially with Brynn's star being on the rise! There are plenty of other fish in the sea!

    Oh, and can I just say, what an adorkable sim she is?! Her expressions just kill me, she's such a little cutie pie!