Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anxious to Begin

Fall 2001 - Fischer Family
Avery is 23, Gideon is 25
Narrated by Avery Monroe

I couldn't believe this day had come already. I hadn't ever been the kind of girl who fantasized about her wedding, or expected it to come so early in my life, but here I was.

Audie, my lifelong friend from Simberry Fields was the obvious choice for my Maid of Honor (Matron of Honor, as she would say, since she herself is married). She and my mom were keeping me calm while I was getting ready, giving me lots of advice about married life.
We decided to hold the ceremony Gideon's bookstore. It's a beautiful place, it smells like books, and, best of all, it was free to rent for the day. We jazzed it up so it looked nice, but also unique.

Walking down the aisle was the most nervous I've ever been. I thought I might faint before I reached the front of the room.

We said our vows in front of everyone we love,

And then it was official!

And it was party time! Brynn Lovitz and my sister played music for our reception.

There were a million things that day that I wanted to cement into my memory. Like our first dance,

My sister and Gabe finally revealing their relationship to their parents and the world,

everyone doing the Smustle, even Gideon's mom,

and Audie's toast at the end of the night.

The next morning Gideon and I left bright and early for our Far East Honeymoon.

It was the most gorgeous place I'd ever been to. I wanted to do everything the country had to offer. 

We learned so much about the culture.

We met another couple vacationing there. I thought they were on their honeymoon, too, but the wife, Janessa, told me that this was their third visit. They were there to do an inernational adoption.

"Yeah," she said. "We can't have any more children, and adoption here is so much more affordable."

Gideon and I exchanged a look. 

"What could it hurt?" Gideon asked. 

So we went to the adoption agency the next morning, just to check things out. It seemed amazing. The children there were all so cute, and the agency owner was extremely helpful.

We were really considering it to be a possibility. I know Gideon is anxious to begin a family.

But all I could think about is what our children would look like, our children that looked like us. Would they have his eyes? My nose? Boys or girls? 

When we got back to our lodge, I told him this.

"I was thinking that, too," he said. "Maybe we shouldn't give up on that dream just yet."

I don't think adoption is going to be for us. Fertility treatments are more expensive than we can afford right now, but we're young. There's plenty of time to just be young newlyweds.


  1. They are so sweet. I hope they add to their family either via adoption or fertility treatments, they would be great parents.

  2. Eeeep! Girl, I can't even tell you how excited I was to finally see this! They are so incredibly cute together, and I know thing's will work out for them, I just know it!

    Really, Ave and Gideon are so adorable together -- the wedding was gorgeous, and the honeymoon looked like tons of fun! You've got such a knack for taking awesome pics, chickadee!