Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Between a Choice and a Mistake

>Causland Family
Ben is 26,
(Ingrid is 23, Avery is 22)

The community cleanup project was going off extremely well in the eyes of Ben Causland. He was, afterall, spearheading the efforts, and the shore was merely weeks away from being clean and safe. So, he thought, why not celebrate?

Ben threw a party in honor of the entire cleanup committee to show his thanks. Everyone showed up dressed to the nines,


and definitely enjoying the booze being served.

Late into the evening, after calling a cab company to arrange rides for all the guests, Ben was ready to head out early. Avery Monroe set her drink down and approached him.

"Thanks for throwing this party," she said.

"No problem. Thanks for being such a huge help," he said. And he meant it. She had graduated with honors in chemistry and had connections that proved invaluable for the project. "We couldn't have done all this without you."

She snorted. "Please, I just got you in contact with my old professors. Science never really made me happy anyway, I'm much better off with this freelance writing thing."

"Either way, I appreciate your help.

"You're not leaving so soon, are you?"

"Well, yeah, I'm, would you like to join me? Big parties aren't really for me."

"And yet you're the one responsible for this soiree."

"Eh, I prefer nice conversation over drinks to any big event."

To be honest, he wasn't really interested in conversation. His intentions were not nearly so honorable. He hoped maybe a fling would help him get rid of his feelings for his ex.

So they had drinks.

And flirted.

And had more drinks.

Until they moved upstairs...

And they collapsed into his bed, falling instantly asleep, the night already a drunken haze.

But what Ben dreamed about was unmistakable. The same face had haunted his dreams every night for the last few weeks.

"Ingrid," he mumbled in his sleep.

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  1. Uh oh, not good at all. He's still thinking about his ex, yikes.