Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Empty Nest

>The White Family

The White Farm was always very noisy, with the squeals and laughter of the triplet grandchildren. Seven sims squeezed into the one home had always been a snug fit, and Kelsey and Andy had always fantasized about what they would do when they had their farmhouse to themselves.

They didn't often have time to fantasize, though, because taking care of three babies was hard work. There were always messes.

And usually there was someone who needed a diaper change, or was hungry, or was crying.

Finally, Logan and Vera moved into their own home with their three daughters, and suddenly, the White farm was utterly silent. Kelsey and Andy waited no time in enjoying themselves. Kelsey immediately began working in her garden for the first time in what felt like forever.

Andy, after converting the nursery into a home office, took advantage of his free time and took a long, refreshing nap.

When the sun set, the couple had a long, flirty evening, reconnecting. Things were good.

That is, until Kelsey, walking into the bedroom, saw something tucked away in the corner.

It was Bridget's stuffed teddy bear. Kelsey set it gingerly onto the bed.

"What is it?" Andy asked, walking up behind her. The tears started to flow from her eyes immediately.

"My babies have left me!"

"They still love you," Andy said, rubbing his wife's shoulders. "It's just time for Logan to have his own family in his own house."

"Let's go visit them tomorrow?"

"Sure thing."


Kelsey is NOT handling the empty nest well at all. Every want she rolls is with the grandbabies, and they're in her thought bubbles constantly. Andy is adjusting very well, and doesn't quite know how to comfort his emotional wife.

This was a short update, mostly because these old codger's don't do much of anything. :P

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