Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Simple, Sweet, and Quiet

Hernandez Family Wedding

 "There you are," Karinna Campbell said, finding her sister holed up in the upstairs bedroom. "We've been looking for you. Can't have a wedding without a bride!"

Olivia could barely manage a smirk at her sister's attempted joke.

"Why so somber? It's your wedding day!"

The proverbial cold feet had settled over Olivia. She was doubting everything, from the venue to the marriage itself. Was it stupid to hold the wedding in their house? Would that make them look cheap? And were they making the right decision to get married in the first place?

Karinna knew why her sister was afraid.

"Look, Liv, there's nothing to it. You look beautiful, and downstairs is an amazing man who loves you and wants to spend his life with you."

"Are you sure I'm doing the right thing?"

"Do you love him?"

"Yes, absolutely."

"Then you're doing the right thing. And hey, it could be worse. At least you aren't having to hide your seventeen-year-old daughter's baby bump from a room full of wedding guests!"

Realizing there were worse things in the world, Olivia summoned the courage to face her own wedding to Ignazo Hernandez.

The ceremony was simple,


and quiet, just like they hoped their lives would be.

They had their first kiss as man and wife.

The party after was also simple and sweet, though there was a little drama when someone mentioned to Micah that his daughter seemed to be gaining a bit of weight, and he fumed to his wife about it, but it quickly passed.

"We won't be able to hide it forever," Karinna sighed.

The newlyweds danced together. Olivia was glad the nerves had passed, and now she could just be with her friends, family, and new step-children to begin the next chapter of her life.

That was the last night they would spend in that house. The next day, they would move into a place that would be home, and would make them feel like a real family.

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  1. Beautiful wedding, can't wait to see the new place.