Saturday, June 30, 2012

Out From Under

Lansing Family

Erika was finally out from under her postpartum depression and the deep disappointment of losing her position as mayor. She was being a good mother, again, and was feeling up to the task of living.

She still hadn't found work, but was channeling her extra energy into painting. She was finally realizing that she had potential outside her political career. She hadn't sold any pieces yet, but she knew that it was only a matter of time. The local gallery had shown interest in holding a show of her work.

The only problem was, Christopher wasn't exactly supportive. He occasionally mocked her hobby. He would roll his eyes and dismissively say, "Finger painting again?"

Erika new that he was resentful that he had to go to work all day while she stayed home, but she did the cooking, the cleaning, and took care of the children, which was really a job in itself.

The resentment caused a lot of fights.

Christopher was tired of the financial stress being all on him. He felt like he was bringing home the bacon while she sat around and doodled. They had to move into an apartment without her mayoral salary, and that was almost too much for him to bear. Christopher wanted her to get a job doing anything, as long as it paid.
Erika felt like Christopher didn't respect her, or the fact that she was just climbing out of depression. He never knew what it was like to have his hormones turn against him, and at the same time be booted out of an office he loved.

They both wanted out of the marriage, and had even discussed it, but every time they thought about calling the lawyers, they thought of their children. Poor Maya would be devastated if they split up.

They were both trapped.

And after their regular screaming matches, Erika would lock herself in the bathroom and cry, and Christopher had to track Maya down and explain to her that Mommy and Daddy still love her very much and they were just having a disagreement.

"You always have a disagreement," she replied.

When Christopher went to work, and Maya to school, and the baby was down for a nap, Erika did something she swore she would never, ever do.

She had begun seeing a local musician, Flint Summers. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she had needs that hadn't been satisfied at home in a very long time. He would come over and she would buzz him up.

Flint reminded her that she was still young and he gave her a feeling of worth. They played and laughed. Erika would be lying if she said it was just that she was unhappy in her marriage. Flint was confident and dangerous. She was confident that he would be fine just fooling around. A guy like that doesn't want to settle down.

He hated meeting at their apartment. He said, "I can smell your husband."

"Don't mention him," Erika said.

"I have to. I'm sick of this. I hate sneaking around, I hate lying. I don't want to do this in the dark anymore."

"Flint, come on. You're sleeping with half the town."

He looked offended. "No, Erika. Just you."

She said some nice things to calm him down before he left. She sighed with relief, having dodged a serious bullet. She hoped she could keep stringing things along for a while.

 If she could just keep it up, she wouldn't get caught.

Flint Summers is the drummer in the local band, London Fire. The band will be appearing in the first annual Port Fest, along with a number of bands from around SimNation. Expect THAT update within a few days!


  1. Whoa, smells like trouble brewing. I hope they can talk to each other soon and get things out in the open.

  2. "If she could just keep it up, she wouldn't get caught."

    Oh, that's ominous! Erika's a bit of a pistol, but hey, if she can keep it up, more power to her, I suppose! Besides, Flint is a little cutie! ;)