Friday, July 27, 2012

First Annual Port Fest!

(Warning- Pic heavy!)

The whole town was bristling with excitement in the days leading up to Port Fest. The Port Manteau Arts Association came up with the idea of holding a music festival during the summer. Not just a small concert featuring a few bands, but a day-long event showcasing the best talent in SimNation.

Starting out the Festival were newcomers London Fire, with their upbeat, punk rock sound, they got the crowd in the mood to party.

Hunter Pilgrim's voice with Flint Summers' quick drum work quickly won over the crowd.

Following them were a breakout act from Simberry Fields known as Paper Thin Walls.

With Alton on drums and Jory on vocals, Thalia gave some female energy to the glam-punk trio, and having plenty of fun while she did it.

She bounced around and played close to Alton,

and held her own up front with Jory.

After playing a number of tracks off their self-titled album, they gave the stage over to Brynn Lovitz and her musical accompanyment, Randall Washington. But, just as they were about to begin, Randall got sick and nearly threw up on stage.

A panicked Brynn looked around, paralyzed, until her friend Amelie White unexpectedly climbed on stage and grabbed a guitar. Giving a nod to Brynn, the duo started.

Brynn bounced back like a champ, quickly regaining her confidence. Her folk rock sound reverberated across the beach.

After the set, a grateful Brynn hugged her hero and friend. "Do I owe this girl or WHAT?" Brynn asked a cheering crowd.

Mellow Metal stormed the stage next, blasting the screaming crowd with their hard rock sound.

The guys turned on their charm, playing it up for the audience.

The rock group was followed by a group they knew all too well, having toured with them before, Aerial Bionic!

They were promoting their new album "Toxication" and delighted the crowd by peppering in old favorites. Trevor Yates spotted girlfriend Si'Enya Warwick in the crowd and caught her eye. He winked at her, amidst many screams.

Gareth Thayer played like his life depended on it, getting really into the music.

Taking the festival in a different direction was Leander Snow storming the stage.

The crashing surf backdrop suited Leander, and he flirted with the crowd non-stop.

The sun began to set as Trevor Yates took the stage again, surprising everyone with a solo performance, promoting his new solo album "Presenting".

It was obvious he was loving every second of it.

Trevor finished his set, and for a few minutes there was only the sound of crickets and the waves crashing into the beach. Then there was a loud strum of a guitar and the words "HELLO PORT MANTEAU!" as Jimmie Page took the stage.

The festival goers who stuck it out in the heat for such a long festival were not disappointed by the final act, as Jimmie gave them a performance to remember.

"Alright, Port Manteau, that's it for the music. Now who's ready to PARTY?!"

The barricades were let down and the beach turned into a party zone, with bonfires springing up along the beach and everyone busting out the drinks.

Avery Monroe immediately hunted down singer Leander Snow, cornering him at a bonfire to talk.

"So, no hard feelings?"

"Well, 'course not, love. In this life, you've just gotta do what ever makes you happy, yeah?"

"Well, in that case, I have someone who has been dying to meet you., if that's okay."

Leander grinned. "I'd be honored!" he said, a laugh coloring his voice. He was waiting for her to bring out one of her nieces or a local teen girl to meet.

"Leander, meet Brynn. Brynn, Leander."

"Hello, darlin'!"

 "Oh my god, Mr. Snow, it's such a pleasure to meet you, oh my god I'm such a huge fan you and your grandfather are so amazing I never thought I would meet you and your performance was amazing." She stopped to breathe.

"You were good yourself. You bounced back rather well."

While Brynn was busy fangirling, another local was fangirling over meeting her first celebrities ever.

Nina Hernandez jumped and squealed meeting Slade Willis from Mellow Metal and Thalia from Paper Thin Walls.

Trevor Yates and Si'Enya Warwick enjoyed each other's company, letting the waves roll over their feet. It was nice to have a simple, private moment with just them.

Meanwhile, Gabriel DeBarbarak from Simberry Fields was reunited with Amelie White for the first time in months. They had yet to discuss what their relationship WAS, exactly, but they were sure excited to see each other.

All in all, the first annual Port Fest was a very memorable evening. The clean up crew may not have appreciated all the festivities, but the residents and visitors definitely did.

I apologize for the pic-heavy post! I just took so many and I didn't want them to go to waste! This festival was SO much fun to play and shoot, and I really hope I can make this a yearly thing. Next time I would like to incorporate more than music, like food and other things that different sim cultures can share. This kind of reminded me of the Food Expo of old! XD

Also, I thought I had told this to publish automatically, but apparently I didn't, so that's why this update is so late! XD That'll teach me to go on vacation!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It was great. I still do the food expo, but have incorporated it into my Apple Festival so there's food and music and all sorts of things. The backdrop was amazing, reminded me of TS3

    1. Oh that's a good idea. And thank you! :) I hadn't seen any other simmers doing a beach concert so I thought a change of scenery would be refreshing.

  2. Oh how I love to see Mellow Metal in other hoods :). The festival looked like so much fun, and all the pictures were quite awesome!

  3. I know I've already said this, but it's so, so, SO cool to see my simmies in your hood! You did an amazing job, Danie girl! :D