Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Morning

Summer 2001 - Hernandez
Olivia is 26, Ignazio is 30, Nina is 17, Martin is 9
Narrated by Olivia Hernandez

I had been worried that life after the wedding would be boring. Everyone said the romance would slow down, and mundane life would replace it. I've been pleased to see that, so far, that hasn't happened with Ignazio. If anything, he uses it as an excuse to be even more romantic. His favorite name for me is "Mrs. Hernandez". 

 I've been trying to be a good step-mother. Nina has really come around and we are pretty close. She is studying hard before school starts so she can get all A's to get into a good university. She hopes to go to Apple Valley for school, and she wants to get as many scholarships as possible. She's about to start her senior year,
Martin is showing he has a passion for technology. He's always playing with gadgets, taking them apart, putting them back together. It's a little harder for me to relate to him, since I can barely work a television, but he's teaching me things.

Ignazio has been wanting more children for a while, but initially I wasn't sure. Watching him with Martin, though, made me reconsider. I've seen what a great father he is. I just have to keep reminding myself that just because my dad left doesn't mean Ignazio will.

It's a good thing I came around, too, because we just found out we are expecting. I didn't notice for a long time, because I had absolutely no pregnancy symptoms in my first trimester. No nausea, anything. To be honest, I counted back and realized that I had gotten pregnant before the wedding. I hope no one else counts back.

I barely have a bump, even. It's about the same as if I loaded up on a bunch of fast food. Ignazio still talks to my belly every day, tells it good morning and good night.

Olivia is due Winter 2001.


  1. Boo, blogger ate my comment.

    So excited about the new baby and with the way Nina is studying, I'm sure she'll succeed in university :)

    1. Nina sure hopes so! I think she has a bright future ahead. She may even be looking into attending Pierce University if she can get in. ;) Thanks for reading!

  2. Like every blog I start following, I always went to read back to the beginning, but like every time I tried, I didn't find the time for it, so I decide to just jump in :)

    It's nice that Olivia came around, I'm sure this baby will be a cutie.

    1. I'm happy to have you, Tanja! :) And this round is really the first "official" round that I've done, where there's a year and seasons, each round being one season, so this might be the perfect place to start. :)

  3. Awww, how sweet! I love that Ignazio talks to her belly! That's one of my favorite actions of a baby-daddy. I can't wait to see what a cute babeh they make! ^.^

  4. Ignazio is an adorable Dad! I'm glad that Olivia came around to the idea of having a baby, perfect timing! Nina won't get to know the new baby very well, especially if she goes away to AV for college, but I'm sure she'll have a great adventure if she does get accepted.