Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Word Committed

Summer 2001 - Summers Family
Flint is 22, Erica is 32, and Brynn is 21

Narrated by Flint Summers

 Man, this summer had been going great. My band started to take off, and we even got signed to a label. Hunter and I worked so hard for this, and it was thrilling to know I was going to get paid for doing something I already love to do. We still jam together for fun, and bring our A-game to recording sessions.

I have been partying a lot, probably more than I should, but I am a musician. What else am I supposed to be doing?

Erica and I kept seeing eachother. I thought everything was perfect. She's eleven years older than me, sure, but that didn't matter. She's mature and responsible. She's experienced life. I think that's what I like about her.

I didn't want her to worry about the possibility of us going on tour. I wanted her to know that I wasn't going to be one of those musicians who messes around with a bunch of groupies while he's away. I told her I was committed to her, and that touring wouldn't change that.

The idea sort of blew up in my face. The word "committed" terrified her. She told me we were just having fun, and that she didn't want to be with me anymore since I was too attached. I never thought I'd be told that by a woman. Maybe it's because this was my first serious relationship. Well, one I thought was serious.

I had to let her go. She'll probably always be important to me, and maybe we will still be friends.

Brynn got signed to the same label as us, which was really cool. We hung out at a few label events and met for coffee a few times. She came over and we talked. She didn't care that I was a guy who wanted to talk about my emotions. She listened to me, and gave me advice over the breakup.

Brynn was being so sweet, I was certain she was into me. So I started to make my move. And that also backfired on me. She just wanted to be friends, nothing more.

I was totally embarrassed. What kind of musician has no game?

Poor Flint. He has had absolutely no luck whatsoever this round. I use the Adults Go Steady hack and he wanted a committed relationship. Poor guy crashed and burned!


  1. "What kind of musician has no game?" Hahah! Aww, poor guy! I hope things start looking up for him! At least his music career is taking off, right? :)

  2. :( yikes maybe he's too fast and too strong

  3. Oh man! Poor Flint! He's having a rough go with the ladies! Hopefully he'll be able to get a girl next time he tries. At least his career is going well! The adult steady hack sounds interesting! I've used allmenus on to have college students be in a relationship but never past that life stage.