Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Fresh Face

> Haywood Family

The Haywood's lived a rather quiet life. Will was a senator, Robin was a teacher, and together they quietly raised their family in the suburbs. Things were about to get a little louder, however, as Will was running for mayor, and the elections were drawing close.

In the last few hot days of the year, their daughter Morgan opened a lemonade stand,

and when her sales weren't going as well as she'd hoped, Will stepped in and bought five cups.

David was good and studious, like his mother. He spent a lot of his free time sitting on his bed, reading and studying.

 At dinner, the family had a little pow-wow. Will and Robin talked to their kids about the elections. How no matter what, they were a strong family. How their lives might change if their daddy won the elect
ion. How they were all going to go to a party to celebrate, no matter who wins.

"Is Daddy going to have to go live in city hall if he wins?" Morgan asked.
"No, sweetie," Will answered. "We are all going to keep living in our house, same as always."

"Okay. Then I really hope you win."

This support from his daughter helped soothe Will's nerves. The family waited anxiously for the announcement. It was a very close race, between Will Haywood and Erica Lansing. Will had been running on a platform of strong family values, tough on crime, especially after the gruesome murders of the entire O'Connell family outside their family owned bar.

Robin didn't like to focus on it much. She was raising her kids here, and she needed it to be a safe place. But was she ready to be a mayor's wife? Robin wasn't sure. What she was sure about, was that she believed in her husband.

The next day, the family gathered at a large reception party. When the winner was announced, everyone asked Will to make a speech.

An acceptance speech.

Surrounded by his family and supporters, Will gave an excited, hopeful speech.
Introducing: the new first family of Port Manteau! 

Will, Robin, David, and Morgan Haywood!


  1. What a gorgeous little family! I can't wait to see what Will does for Port Manteau. Yay Will! :D

  2. Wow, congrats! Can't wait to see what he does for his platform.