Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Weekend to Remember: An inter-hood visit!

>White Family

The White family was so happy to receive their life-long friends, the DeBarbarak's, from Simberry Fields for an extended weekend visit. 

Kelsey and BriAnna spent nearly the whole visit catching up, having not seen eachother since Logan's wedding. They had been friends since long before the birth of all their children, and they talked like it had only been days since their youthful partying days.

Kelsey hugged her "niece" excitedly, fighting back tears.
"Aunt Kels!" Audie said, hugging her back.

Audie stayed with Kelsey's daughter, Avery. The girls had been friends since Avery was born, and Avery spent the weekend showing Audie around the town.

They went out dancing one night,

and went to the spa the next.

In the sauna, they talked all about the guys in their lives, their struggles in work, and what they thought their little siblings were up to.

Which, turns out, was a lot. Audie's younger brother Gabe was back at Avery's beach house with Amelie. They had enjoyed a flirtation for at least a year now, gently bumping hands, exchanging winks over dinner during visits. They stood outside the house, continuing their flirting.

Suddenly, Gabe stopped laughing. His face turned serious, and he rubbed the back of his neck anxiously. "What, Gabe?" Amelie asked.

Gabe didn't say a word. Just took her hand, walked closer to the shore, and showed her what he was thinking. 

On the last day of their visit, the White's and the DeBarbarak's all went to the early fall Port Fest. 

It was hard to say goodbye, but hopefully another visit won't be too far away!

The DeBarbarak family belongs to the lovely Cait of Simberry Fields. You can find her webbie here. They were a joy to have in my game, as they always are. I hope you enjoyed seeing their visit! Inter-hood relationships are so important, and so fun!


  1. EEEEEEP! Gabe/Ame romance, Ave & Audie gossiping, and Kels and Bri bonding! What more could we possibly need?!

    Ah. It's so nice to see our simmies together again!

  2. Yaay! I'm glad you liked it! I can't say I'm surprised that Gabe finally made his move. :P Let's hope we can do more visits in the future!

  3. Definitely! I don't think Gabe would have it any other way. ^.^

  4. Wow, I love interhood visits, they're lots of fun.