Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lot Tour:Gianna's Boutique

Here is a small tour of my community lot, Gianna's Boutique. It's a high-end clothing and accessory store owned by Gianna Costillo.

The front!

The back!

This is some of the merchandise. She specializes in clothing and accessories for women, but there are some men's racks to the side. The purses are from the Custom Prop Hack from MTS2, so my sims CAN use the purses they buy here.

Here is a little place for tired husbands or unwilling friends to sit and rest during a long day of shopping.

And here is a private little nook for trying on clothes. There is a whole row of mirrors on the privacy wall.

I'm thinking of adding an outdoor cafe/espresso bar element sometime soon.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Love that you used the custom prop hack purses, I might steal that idea for an OFB business

  2. You are such a good decorator, Danie girl! Gianna's is gorgeous! I love the little nook you made for purse-holding husbands to sit in while their wives shop! :D